Our On-The-Go Options


Every week we prepare meals fresh at our Commercial Kitchen location in Benton Harbor, and deliver them to St. Joseph!  Here you'll find protein-packed wraps, chilis, soups, burgers, sandwiches, keto salads, and more! 

Directions on Niles Ave: Pass Taco Bell on your left, Little Caesars on your right, Dairy Queen on your right, McDonald's on your left and you'll find us on the right at the Napier intersection!  No drive-thru lines for healthier choices on the fly; No sodium overloads, afternoon food crashes, or food depression! Remove your diet stress, and #ShopLocal with your meal prep team :)


Ways to use our St. Joe Location:

1) Stop by and choose from our current selections

2) Buy Variety 3 and 5 Packs to save $$$. Your


3) Preorder by the end of every week: Your meals will be custom made for you and ready for pickup Monday