The Red Lotus Nutrition Blog! Why we opened our doors.

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

This is where you'll find all of our latest thoughts on community nutrition, school lunch programs, new ideas, and just cool Nutrition stuff! Here is the background on our company!

Red Lotus started with a husband and wife. Brittney was a manager at Burger King, Myself a manager at GNC while working through my

Masters Degree in Health Care. Over the course of an 8 year education on the U.S. and Worldwide health care systems, and as a practicing NSCA Certified Personal Trainer I realized several truths. One is that health care systems are safety nets providing care in times of need, and rarely real life solutions {Healthy people require less health care expense}. Second, that most preventable diseases are the cause of long-term Nutrient deficiencies, or a bad diet. Third, that I didn't want to work to perpetuate the problem, but that I wanted to work to provide real solutions. My wife and I began to prep together out of our home, providing meals to friends that loved our quality and understanding of Nutrition. Their love of our meals lead to a business plan, a financial partnership with a like-minded retiree named Mike, and where we are today! We are here to improve lives, and make a real impact on the community. This is what makes us unique, and every personalized meal plan will showcase why we are here :)

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