The Future of Red Lotus Nutrition

This blog post is a brainstorming session to encourage community feedback, and share our vision for the future. Feel free to comment or share.

1) School lunch program- Exploring ways to improve our children's nutrition is a major priority. We strongly believe that the habits you form when you are young greatly shape your habits and health as an adult. Processed enriched carbs, sugary drinks, and a lack of protein plagues our school systems on a national scale. Solving for ways to provide convenient and cost-effective kids meals will be our way of fighting back.

2)Biweekly Pick-Up Locations! We really like the idea of having gyms, or businesses that are central to many people as "Drop Off" points where customers can stop by and grab a large variety of meals for many different diets. This would work by having a delivery vehicle sit at these locations during set times each week, and you could come by and grab whatever you need.

3) Complete Training & Nutrition Programs. Using the Red Lotus Gym, we would like to incorporate All-In-One programs to help those in the greatest need! These programs would include meals each week and private training sessions aimed at teaching self-sufficiency and a complete understanding of how to plan workouts and eat for life! :)

4) Clinical Nutrition. We have experience planning the Nutrition for Diabetics, pre-diabetics, thyroid conditions, autoimmune illnesses, and specialty diets. We would like to use this aspect of the business to partner with primary care physicians, and specialists in the area that value Nutrition as a primary means of treating various health issues.

5) The Red Lotus Podcast. A personal passion here! We would love to create a unique short format podcast for out followers to learn from, enjoy, and find useful in their lives. Topics include Veganism vs. Carnivore, Lifestyle eating, nutrient deficiencies, family planning, kid's nutrition (and reverse psychology lol), current research and valuable studies that are ahead of the medical textbooks and currently accepted views.

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