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At Red Lotus Nutrition it is you, your goals, and your health that is our priority.  Through our Signature Meal Planning we work towards your goals together!  While doing so our team takes into consideration all of the factors necessary for good nutrition and amazing taste!  Your food allergies, dislikes, food sensitivities, and personal notes are monitored weekly by our team to ensure that you always receive the best meals for your body.  




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Weight Loss

Expertly Crafted Weight Loss Meals.  400-500 Calories Per Meal, 30g-40g Protein.  Choose This Plan If Your Goal Is To Shed Extra Weight!


Muscle Growth

Powerhouse Meals Designed to Pack on Lean Mass.  600-700 Calories Per Meal, 35g-45g Protein.  Choose This Plan If Your Goal Is To Build Muscle Mass!



Loaded With Protein From Sources Other Than Meat!

Weight loss, Muscle growth, Keto or Paleo option available here!

Choose This Plan If You Are An Herbivore :)



Personalized Vegan Meals! We work with you to design this plan and set your calorie and ingredient needs :)



Trying To Stay Under 20g-30g Carbs Per Day?  We Also Support A Growing List Of Keto Clients! Choose This Plan For All The Good Fats Without Those Evil Carbs! 

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Custom Meal Plan

Tell us the macros that you need and ingredients, and we will prepare your meals exactly the way you need them!